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XPower develops high-performance batteries for competitors and hobbyists.
When you need  power and reliability, choose XPower.  

XPower Batteries

Winning is in our DNA

While most manufacturers are creating batteries to compete based on price, XPower is developing custom batteries for a whole different kind of competition. XPower is focused on breaking rules and setting new standards for power, speed and endurance. When you need to go faster or go farther, XPower can create custom battery solutions to help you achieve your goals and break records.

  • Increase Run Time
  • Higher Current
  • Lighter Weight
  • Safer Chemistry
  • Longer Life Cycle
  • No Memory issues

The Finest Batteries You Can Buy

XPower Batteries always use the finest cells available in the marketplace. We build in small batches to exacting standards, with cells that are received weekly from the manufacturer. You can feel confident that your batteries are of the highest quality possible and always fresh when you receive them. 

Let's start a conversation

We love to meet new people and take on new challenges. Do you have a high performance device or application that could benefit from a better battery? Give us a call at the number below or fill out the form . We look forward to working with you on your unique project. Give us a call today.

(702) 327-8859

Case Study

Long Range FPV - It's a whole new world.

This was a life changing experience.

I’ve been flying Long Range FPV for years and I’m lucky enough to live in Las Vegas where there’s an abundance of beautiful scenic peaks and cliffs that people travel thousands of miles to fly.

I used to be hyper aware of my amperage usage on my 7″ Mountain Surfer and anxious about getting to the peaks I wanted to fly and getting back before I ruined my LiPos. I was always calculating in my head. I don’t worry about it anymore. With XPower Li-Ions, I enjoy my flights more and I can focus on the flight rather than the battery as much. I am now doing multiple peaks on one battery and I can leave my Xpower cells charged for a week without discharge with no worry.  

  • Twice the flight time / distance
  • Less anxiety and more enjoyment
  • Much more forgiving battery – harder to kill 
  • Winter flying – no effect down to 5 degrees 
  • Leave your packs charged longer without discharge

Powerful Experiences

We live by our reputation for doing what we say
we can do, when we say we can do it.

Flying the WIZfpv Copia 6 LR and testing the new XPower Battery in their 6S 4200mah Li-Ion packs with great results. I managed to climb and dive 3 times and still came back with plenty of juice to spare!

Erik Veith

Racer and Long Range Drone Pilot

"I was looking for packs that would let me explore multiple peaks over 1.5 miles out, the XPower li-ion packs fit the bill giving me plenty of flight time. Now I can explore without having to worry about whether or not I will have enough battery to make it back with the added bonus of less weight than a comparable capacity lipo pack. If you're serious about long range, these are definitely the packs to look at."

Josh Wahrer

Racer and Long Range Drone Pilot

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