Our Story

While the world is running on batteries, we’re running on passion.

Our founder and CEO, Dane Martin has a unique perspective on batteries. He’s downright passionate about them.  Not only is he an accomplished hobbyist; flying, driving and racing just about every imaginable radio controlled vehicle in existence , but chances are when he’s not doing that, you’ll see him riding around on his eBike or his One Wheel.

Most importantly though, Dane has had a long fascination with batteries from an engineering perspective. Dane holds a degree from Palomar College where he focused on electrical engineering, more specifically, DC Componentry. 

Dane’s hobbies combined with his knowledge and deep understanding of battery chemistry and engineering, fueled his desire to create the best packs in the world,  focused on high performance DC applications like Motor Sport racing, Aviation and competitive Hobbies.   

We focus only on the state of the art and emerging battery technologies. If we make a battery, you can rest assured it’s the best pack you can buy on the planet, otherwise, we simply won’t make it.

Dane Martin

The XPower Difference

Our batteries perform to our published specifications 

Look, we obviously don’t manufacture the cells. We have nothing to gain by making false claims about cell performance. Battery manufacturers are notorious for publishing misleading data about the performance of their products. 

Our job is very defined: we test and test and test to find the best cells in the world for our clients needs, based upon factual real world data. We then manufacture packs to meet our client’s specific needs utilizing the highest quality materials and components. 

Our clients come to us for high performance solutions, when winning is job one and there is no room for failure.  

A Perfect Example of Published vs Real

The following is a testimonial from a real client:

So I put the Xpower battery through extensive testing. They built me a 48v 8.4ah with 21700 cells. I have ridden over 100 miles on this battery pack. The battery is powering a 1000w Bafang chain drive motor. I’ve been testing between 2 battery packs, the Xpower and one I bought on Amazon which is listed as a 48v 13ah with 186550 cells. I found that the Xpower battery has more constant lasting power that the Amazon pack. On the Xpower battery I can climb a 10 percent hill climb without power loss. With the other pack I will loose mph the longer l climb.

Andy Mertz

Let's start a conversation

We love to meet new people and take on new challenges. Do you have a high performance device or application that could benefit from a better battery? Give us a call at the number below or fill out the form . We look forward to working with you on your unique project. Give us a call today.

(702) 327-8859

Powerful Experiences

We live by our reputation for doing what we say
we can do, when we say we can do it.

Flying the WIZfpv Copia 6 LR and testing the new XPower Battery in their 6S 4200mah Li-Ion packs with great results. I managed to climb and dive 3 times and still came back with plenty of juice to spare!

Erik Veith

Racer and Long Range Drone Pilot

"I was looking for packs that would let me explore multiple peaks over 1.5 miles out, the XPower li-ion packs fit the bill giving me plenty of flight time. Now I can explore without having to worry about whether or not I will have enough battery to make it back with the added bonus of less weight than a comparable capacity lipo pack. If you're serious about long range, these are definitely the packs to look at."

Josh Wahrer

Racer and Long Range Drone Pilot