Long Range FPV just got a lot better!

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I’ve been flying long range drones (Quads) for years now. One of the most annoying issues has been the anxiety you get when doing a long distance peak or ridge, where you have to guess when it’s time to leave and come home and still make it before you either have to ditch or you ruin your battery.

I typically fly a seven inch deadcat style style frame (GEPRC Crocodile) with 2807 1300 KV motors and I used to run a 6S 2200mAh LiPo battery. Carrying a Gopro 7, I might get an 8 minute flight if I manage my throttle really well and don’t do any acrobatics. With the new XPower 4200 mAh 45 Amp 6S Li-Ion I’m now getting more than twice that flight time. It’s a game changer! I can now hit more peaks, hang out on ridges and cliffs longer and have a lot more fun. XPower packs 4200 mAh into a pack that is about the same size and weight as my old 2200 Lipo, so I’m getting the extra juice without sacrificing weight. It’s awesome!  

One of my favorite spots to fly is near my house in Las Vegas. I live just down the street from Red Rocks Conservation area with beautiful 1500ft and 2000ft peaks rising from the desert floor with endless cliffs and spires. Here is a link to one of my videos from that range:  The biggest peak in that range is Mt. Wilson at about 1.5 miles from our fly spot and over 2000 vertical feet.  I used to make it to the top do a couple of passes at the peak and maybe a dive and then I’d hope to hell that I had enough juice to make it home. 

With the XPower 4200 6S Li-Ion I get up the mountain and the other day, I hung out up there for 14 minutes. It was awesome. I was starting to get bored even (thats a great problem to have). I decided to head back, but realized I had enough juice to hit the peak next door to Wilson. What a great feeling to have that freedom. 

Check out the new XPower 4200. They are hand made with fresh cells from the factory each week. Go here to buy or reserve some

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